Naad Arts Centre

"It was our dream to build the institution dedicated to preserve and promote culture, traditions and heritages of the music, dance and literature of the world. All under one roof."

Naad Arts Centre– initially started in 2006, dedicated to preserving and promoting the culture, traditions and heritage of music, dance and literature. It was a dream to build an institution where all the Cultural and Musical world can take place under one roof. Naad Arts Centre especially focus on the upcoming generation to provide such an environment where they will not only learn music and dance but can also realize the value of our rich cultural and musical heritage.

The Cosmic Sound

Naad -The Cosmic Sound is the essence of all sounds. It creates perfect balance with the 5 elements of the universe: earth, fire, air, water & sky. For an individual to merge with the universal consciousness through the medium of music, he/she must speak to the universe using the language of NAAD, and this will connect her/him with the eternal universe. It is the magic created by this very art that people of different nations and backgrounds are able to communicate, understand and connect with each other in a beautiful way.

Musical Language of the Universe

In another way Naad is an intelligible sound which is the treasure of happiness for the happy, the distraction of those who suffer, the winner of the hearts of hearers, the first messenger of the god of love. Or let us just say "Naad is the Musical Languag e of the Universe".

Our Mission and Purpose

The Naad Arts Centre is actively working in the fields of arts & education. Our mission is to educate and enhance awareness of the performing arts by means of organizing public performances in local venues for the benefit of the entire community (not just those of South Asian descent – our passion includes introducing these arts to other Canadians as well, both as listeners and as participants). Pursuant to our ongoing quest to promote the fine arts, Naad also arranges seminars on these performances to further discuss the history of these fine arts, and the efforts of the many great masters of past and present who have contributed to their fields, for the benefit of those who seek to learn.

Additionally, Naad Arts Centre organizes festivals for the purpose of increasing public understanding and appreciation of the performing arts. Participation in these festivals and related workshops play an integral part in the lives of budding young local talents as they demonstrate their skills, efforts and the disciplines gained through the many programs Naad Arts Centre offers.

Our educational training centre offers music (vocal, percussion instruments, wind instruments, stringed instruments, etc.) and dance (folk, classical) These courses are taught by a faculty of trainers and teachers who are highly qualified in their respective disciplines.

Many of the disciplines we perform, teach, and discuss have an ancient and beautiful history; Naad Arts Centre is striving to connect and integrate that history and its values into our students and community, enriching lives and expanding horizons. With the above-mentioned missions and events, it is our goal to promote an appreciative understanding of the performing arts to our community, and to establish a strong interest in these disciplines for the generations of tomorrow and thereafter.


  • Save kids from drugs and negative culture
  • Create harmony and interest in the community
  • Preserve and promote the music art and culture
  • Inspire students to become artists of tomorrow
  • Promote world peace and harmony
  • Raise the consciousness of human beings