Narinder Singh Panesar

Narinder Singh Panesar began learning music from his chacha ji (uncle), Ranjit Singh Ji, who was a disciple of the famous Ustad Jaswant Singh Bhamra Ji. During his youth, Narinder Singh spent time learning music from both. Later Narinder Singh decided to further pursue his passion for Gurmat Sangeet and became a disciple of the world renowned Gurmat sangeet teacher Ustad Sukhwant Singh ji.

Narinder Singh Panesar has received multiple awards and has been recognized for his accomplishments in Gurmat Sangeet throughout his life. He spent many years teaching music in various institutions in India and Canada.

He moved to Canada few years ago and currently resides in Abbotsford, BC, where he offers Vocal classes and running his own Bhai Mardana Gurmat Sangeet Academy.